If you have bacterial
vaginosis (BV),
prescription NUVESSA™ can...

Treat your BV with just one dose

Treat BV in a single dose at bedtime
with 1-dose NUVESSA™1

NUVESSAcomes in a prefilled, single-dose disposable applicator.

*Single-dose NUVESSA™ is administered once intravaginally.1

The patient is responsible for the first $25 of their co-pay and cash-paying patients should pay approximately $55. For cash paying patients or insured patients when NUVESSA™ is not covered by primary insurance, patients may still use this savings card but may have an outstanding balance.

Please see Program Terms, Conditions, and Eligibility Criteria on back of card or here.

Pay as little as $25 for your prescription

If you’re eligible, you can use the savings card at the pharmacy when you pick up your prescription and pay as little as $25 on one prescription fill.